Rascal Cat Brothers Part 2

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Hiya, my name is Snowball and I believe you met my brother Midnight already.

He told ya all about the supposed silly shenanigans we get into huh? Well, I think they are just fun things.

I cannot help it, Mommy’s feet smell good. So, I want to rub all over her shoes, sometimes I even paw at her shoes, till she catches me and says ‘No no they are Mommy’s shoes, not the baby’s shoes.’

Pshhhhh, I am the baby I think everything should be mine.

Ya know what else is so fun: trying to grab Mommy’s feet when she is by the bed.

See, under the bed is my domain; I hide there and if the blanket is on the floor I can hide even more and whoosh! Out goes my paw to grab Mommy’s foot – hahaha!

I think it is so funny and my big brother sits next to Mommy and watches too while Mommy laughs.

Speaking of my big brother Midnight, he is so fun to wrestle with.

He even loves to pretend to run from me. Who would not want to play with me? Haha!

Mommy plays with me and Midnight all the time.

He likes to chase these shiny balls that make a sound when Mommy crushes them in her hand.

I like this red dot Mommy moves around and I try to catch it.

One day I will catch it and eat it, I know it.

Mommy got us this toy that has balls to chase in it.

I got all those balls out pretty quickly with my paw and thought I was pretty smart.

Mommy just laughed and gave me lots of pets; she says I am a purr machine when she pets me, whatever that is.

I just purr because it feels so good when she pets me.

Me and Midnight, we both love to play in boxes, and lucky for us Mommy always has a bunch. One day I watched Midnight be very silly. This big box was hard to get into, but Midnight, he figured it out really quickly. He got on top and wiggled and jiggled his booty and squeezed himself in that box.

Then all Mommy and me saw were his eyes. Imagine that, he got himself in there.

He was so silly! Mommy and I just laughed. I love watching the silly shenanigans my big brother Midnight gets up to.

I cannot remember a time I was not with my Mommy and Midnight.

Now, when the day is over, I sleep at Mommy’s feet at night and Midnight sleeps in her arm. I feel so lucky to have them to cuddle and sleep with after a long day of shenanigans.

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