Robin Red Breast

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I have had a really bad experience and have been too upset to tell anyone but you! I am a robin, and I live in a delightful cottage garden. I am surrounded by lovely rose bushes and a lovely hot and cold tap bird bath complete with towels and a shower cap.

I have a wide variety of bird seeds and a comfy nest. Everything that a modern bird would want. I have also been spotted by a photographer, and I model for Christmas cards and calendars and have been featured in Good Nest Keeping.

As you can imagine, Christmas is my busy time. Then the other day, I was amazed to see in the mirror that my red breast had turned white. So I was no longer a robin with a red breast. What to do?

I first thought that my present state had something to do with old age. But I am still young. My grandma, who visits from time to time, assured me that old age had nothing to do with it. She almost fainted when I popped out of my nest and took my vest off!

I took a trip to the chemist, but there was no luck there either. The chemist told me that he had never seen anything like this. He wanted to try one or two creams, but I resisted.

The doctor was very interested and made a few nest visits. There was not much he could say as he had never come across anything like this. He wanted to bring medical students, but I said no.

Meanwhile, I was too ashamed to go out. My modelling and TV jobs had gone, and I was feeling lonely as I had to use the bird feeder on my own and bathe at night. I was beginning to feel that no one cared!

A few days later I suddenly found a written letter in my nest. In the letter, I learned that a herbalist had opened up locally. The right herbs can cure most health problems, the letter said, but I had never believed in all that nonsense. Hocus Pocus, if you ask me.

Anyway, I decided to give it a go. The herbalist was a very experienced old bird. He examined my breast and tossed his head up and down. The herbalist tutted and tutted. He told me to take the berries twice daily and get lots of nest rests.

To my amazement, within a couple of days, my breast was bright and sparkling red!

I am now becoming a star at last. The modelling work is endless, and the reporters can’t get enough of me. I have been interviewed on Bird World TV, plus Flutter and Tweet magazine would like to do an article on me. The opportunities are endless for a robin with a bright red breast.

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