Annabelles’ Magical, Mystical Woodland Friends

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Annabelle is bored. Summer is here, and her two best friends are away on vacation. After moving into their new home, she asks her dad to build a treehouse in the woods behind their property. Annabelle and her dog, Shelby, will soon discover the most magical, mystical secret ever!

On a Saturday morning, shortly after school let out for summer break, ten-year-old Annabelle lay in bed thinking, “I am sooo bored, and there’s still three months until school starts. Plus, Becky and Amy are away on vacation. What am I going to do?” She could be a bit dramatic.

Annabelle loved school, especially art and dance. Finally, with a deep sigh, she headed downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast. On the counter was a note propped against the toaster.

“Sweetie, breakfast burritos and fresh orange juice in the fridge. Dad and I had to run an errand. If you need anything, call Mrs Morris next door. ♥Mom”

After gulping down a big glass of orange juice, she grabbed a burrito and headed for the backyard.

“Come on, Shelby, let’s go to our treehouse!”


Anabelle had always wanted a fort or treehouse, but there was no room at their old apartment. When they moved to their new home last year, she noticed the woods at the far edge of the property.

“Mom, Dad! Shelby and I are gonna explore. Be back soon!”

As they approached the trees, she spotted a worn path leading into the woods.

“Come on, girl, let’s go check it out!”

After about ten minutes, there was a sound of water, and the trees opened into a small clearing. Annabelle squealed in delight, shouting out, ‘Shelby! I think we’ve stumbled upon a magical fairyland!’

Annabelle loved anything, and everything magic and truly believed unicorns, fairies, elves, and other woodland creatures existed. Last Christmas, her favourite gifts were a Magic 8 ball, a fairy princess wand, and a pink journal with a unicorn on the front.

In the centre of the clearing stood a giant Douglas fir tree with thick branches reaching out over a babbling brook. Annabelle walked over to the water and knelt down for a closer look. Pink water lilies floated gently on the surface of crystal clear water, and brightly coloured fish swam lazily underneath.

The air was sweet, with the scent of honeysuckle and violets growing along the banks. Across the brook, cute little chipmunks played hide and seek among blackberry bushes and fallen logs at the water’s edge.

A frog jumped in, splashing Shelby, causing her to yelp and jump back. Laughing, Annabelle lay back on the bank’s soft grass and gazed at the sky.

“Look at that cloud, Shelby; doesn’t it kinda resemble a castle? And that awesome tree with all those branches; I think we’ve found the ideal place for our treehouse; let’s go tell Dad!”

She ran home, excited to tell her father about the big tree in the woods and how perfect it would be for a treehouse. He promised that as soon as they were all moved in, he’d be happy to build her one.

Several weeks later, the treehouse project began. Since Shelby went everywhere with Annabelle, a pulley system with a basket was installed so she could be included. Her uncle Greg hung a tire swing from the porch that overlooked the stream because, after all, what’s a treehouse without a swing?

A small picnic table was built in one corner, and several shelves were put up along the wall to store stuff. Across the room were Annabelle’s pink bean bag chair and a wicker basket with some of her special things, including her fairy dolls, Magic 8 ball, princess wishing wand and a few other special items.

Strung on the walls were pink and white fairy lights, and a fluffy pink rug lay in the middle of the room. There was even a pink matching doggie bean bag bed for Shelby. Are you getting that Annabelle’s favourite colour just might be pink?

Annabelle had spent several days hauling items to her fort in a wagon through the woods. She put some of her favourite books on one shelf, including The Never Girls, The Princess Diaries, the Funny Little Unicorn, and the Enchanted Forest Chronicles. There was also her journal, colouring books, markers, and a pink mini-instant camera.

Another shelf held a tea party set and snacks, like, peanut butter crackers, rice Krispie treats, juice boxes, skittles, and gummy bears. And, of course, a box of dog biscuits for Shelby.

When the work was complete, there was one last thing to do. Annabelle nailed the sign she had painted on the door. Now everything was perfect.

Annabelle’s Treehouse

Hugging her dad and uncle, she exclaimed, “Thanks, guys, this is the most awesome treehouse ever!”


And this is where Annabelle and Shelby were headed on that Saturday morning.

Annabelle climbed the fort’s ladder and pulled Shelby up through the trap door, who promptly ran to her bed and lay down. Then she walked over and plopped down on her bean bag chair. Although she was super happy with the treehouse, she was still lonely without her friends.

“Oh, Shelby.” She sighed dramatically. “I’m soooo bored; what am I gonna do until Becky and Amy get back?”

Shelby tilted her head as if thinking, “How would I know? I’m just a dog.”

“I wish something really exciting would happen. Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if we found a fairy or a woodland creature? Oh, a unicorn! A rainbow-coloured unicorn! But I know that could never happen because they’re only make-believe.”

Just for fun, she grabbed her magic wand, swished it in the air, closed her eyes, and made a wish. Then to her surprise, she heard a giggle. Thinking it might be one of her friends home from vacation, she ran to the window and Could Not  Believe Her Eyes! Hovering just inches away was the cutest little pink-haired fairy on the back of a rainbow-coloured unicorn!

“We’ve been watching and waiting and hoping for you to make a wish so we could come out and introduce ourselves, and you finally did!” said the fairy, giggling.

Annabelle was so astonished it took a moment to speak. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it! What’re your names?”

Majestically, the unicorn bowed her head. “Very pleased to meet you, Annabelle, my name is Fiona, and this is Sapphire.”

“But remember, since this was your wish, only you will be able to see us. And your dog, too, of course!” Sapphire added.

Still in shock, Annabelle said. “I need to get something; please don’t go away!” Back in an instant, with her camera, she started to take their picture.

Giggling, Sapphire said, “I don’t think that will work, but you certainly can try!”

When the photo popped out, you could see woods and the brook; everything except for them. It was like they’d vanished, but they were right in front of her!

From that day on, Fiona and Sapphire became her secret mystical friends. Many happy times were spent together playing games and telling stories. Unicorns and fairies lived to a very old age, and even though they seemed young, they were actually ancient creatures. Annabelle just loved listening to their fascinating tales from a time so long ago.

On her 18th birthday, Annabelle ran to the forest with slices of birthday cake for Fiona and Sapphire. Much to her disappointment, they were nowhere to be found. Thinking they might be hiding, she called out their names; but they still didn’t appear. Puzzled and sad, Annabelle returned home. After that day, it became harder and harder to remember her friends until, eventually, their memory completely faded away.

But every now and then, visions of a beautiful pink-haired fairy riding a rainbow unicorn flickers through her mind, and she’s filled with happiness and joy. Annabelle isn’t exactly sure what it meant; could it actually be a real memory? But, no, that wasn’t possible. Because, after all, unicorns and fairies don’t exist….do they?

The End

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