The Sweet Skunk

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One day, Mrs Daniel was planting sweet potatoes in her garden, when she noticed something black and white moving through the blackberry shrubs. She couldn’t guess what it was as she didn’t have a good look at it in the first go. So she grabbed her garden rake and set off towards the blackberry shrubs.

As she approached, she became aware of a sweet scent mixed in with the blackberries. She cautiously tiptoed past the first blackberry bush. Then the second blackberry bush. Then the third… Oh no! She got hit by a full blast of spray in the face. She realized in a second that she had been attacked by a skunk!

The skunk looked at her. She looked at the skunk. Then Mrs Daniel realized that the spray that was on her face was not bad, it actually smelt quite nice! She was astonished! How was this even possible? Then her little son, Simon jumped out from behind a bush laughing.

“Oh, Mom! You were hilarious!” he giggled. Mrs Daniel understood in a flash!

“Oh, you naughty boy!” she scolded. “You shouldn’t have done that!”

Simon rolled on the floor laughing. What had happened? Simon had gotten a present from his dad, and it was a remote controlled skunk. Simon had filled a bottle with water and soap and made the skunk walk to his Mom, and Simon had sprayed his Mom with the soapy water. But she had to laugh in the end anyways, and as she and Simon trudged back home, Simon was secretly planning another prank!

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