Letter to Zac

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Hi Zac.  How are you?

Sorry that I haven’t written to you sooner but I had a sore finger and I couldn’t type very well.

Do you want to know what happened to my finger?

Well, last Tuesday I was in the garden with “Kranky” the cat from next door combing the grass and talking to the flowers when along came a weezle-wobbler.  It was the biggest weezle-wobbler I have seen in many years.  It was red with an orange face, purple hair and yellow teeth.  Normally they have 3 legs on 2 eyes but this one had only 1 leg and 1 eye.  When he came out of the soil he made me and Kranky jump and Kranky who was really scared scratched my finger with his long pointy claws and I wasn’t able to write any letters for quite a few weeks.

Anyway, the weezle-wobbler who we called Walter was sad because he had lost his way.  He was going to visit his Mum and sister in Weezleville but he had taken the wrong turning on the motorway and somehow he had ended up on my Street.  I could tell that he had been crying because his green coloured tears were shooting out from his eyes and on the floor in front of him was his left eyeball.  He had cried so much that his eye had popped out. Kranky was having a good old sniff at it to see if it would be good enough for his tea with a bit of jam and lettuce.

For humans like you and I, crying is ok because it helps to wash your eyeballs, but for Walter it wasn’t good at all.  A weezle-wobbler with only one eye can have lots of accidents if he can’t see very well….And that is exactly what had happened…He had been riding his scooter on the motorway on his way to Weezleville when he got lost and as he began to cry the tears had gone under his tyres and made him skid along the road.  Unfortunately he collided with an empty crisp packet coming in the other direction on his way to market.  The crisp packet hit him so hard that Walter fell from his scooter and his left leg went right up his bum never to be seen again….Poor old Walter.  It wasn’t a good day for him.  He had lost an eye, a leg and had ended up at my house and didn’t have the foggiest idea where he was.

Humans and weezle-wobblers don’t normally meet because of their different way of lives but because of his accidents and getting lost I had met Walter for the first time in my life.

We sat and talked for a while about all the places in the world we had seen while he enjoyed a cup of soil tea and a jelly and paper sandwich.  I then gave him a water-proof map and showed him what I thought was probably the direction of Weezleville.

He was a lovely weezle-wobbler and I do hope that he will come back again one day soon.  Before he left he gave me some special tokens that can only be spent on Moshi monsters, so when you come over in July you will have to take me and Granny Janny to the shops so we can spend them on some new Moshis…What do you think?

 Everyone here is ok and we are all looking forward to seeing you all very soon.

Love to everyone from

Grandad Charlie and Granny Janny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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