It’s OK Mommy Dino, it’s OK!

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Mommy Dinosaur was excited to take little Dino to play at the playground.

It was a chilly afternoon, so Mommy Dinosaur made sure that little Dino was wearing a jacket as well as herself.

Shoes on, jackets on and off they went!

When they were close to the playground, Mommy Dinosaur recognised one of her friends.

She thought to herself, “What a delight, my little Dino gets to play, and I get to spend time with my friend.”

Mommy and Little Dinosaur arrived and as Mommy Dinosaur was happily walking towards her friend, she realised that her friend was ignoring her.

Mommy was sad, very sad.

“I thought this was just happening to kids, but it is also happening to me!” she said to herself.

Mommy Dino just kept trying to look busy, and happy for her Little Dino.

When they came back home, Little Dino looked at Mommy and said, “Thank you, Mommy, you were really brave today! I saw how your friend was not nice to you, but you were brave, Mommy, really brave! It’s OK Mommy, you will find another friend, it’s OK Mommy, it’s OK.”

And with the sweetest and wonderful hug, Mommy Dinosaur whispered, “Yes, I am OK, and I am sure that I will find a better friend!”

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One thought on “It’s OK Mommy Dino, it’s OK!

  1. gustavo

    I fand rili god and the danisorrrrrs rili fani the mamooy wos ignored and the dino maid help the mami


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