Help Me

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Billy and Charley both stared at each other squinching up their noses with questioning looks.

The ant laughed and said, “Look up.”

Billy and Charley both looked up. There was a little man about two feet tall sitting on a branch high in a tree. He was dressed in all white robes with pure white skin. He had no hair on his body with deep blue eyes.

With a low voice, the man said, “It was I who was speaking to you as if I were the ant. I wanted to see if you two were worthy enough.”

“Worthy enough for what?” said Charley. Billy and Charley were slowly backing away as they waited for the answer.

“Worthy enough for the gignoshlopz award. It is an award given to a being that shows exemplary kindness.  Here is your prize.” Then the little man made two jars of mayonnaise appear at the feet of the boys.

The  little  man  continued,  “Now  before  you thank me, I need to sing you a little song.” He continued with a slow melody, “Blortz, Blortz, Gignoshlopz,  Porp.”  Then, right after the word ‘porp’ he farted, very loudly and disappeared.

The two boys instantly began laughing uncontrollably. They were both rolling on the ground for at least three minutes.

“Did you see?” laughed Billy.

“What in the world?” laughed Charley.

After they had settled down, they got up, grabbed their jars of mayonnaise and headed for school. They did not care at all how boring school would be. They knew no one would believe them, even with the jars of mayonnaise. Nevertheless, they told the story to everyone anyways.

That is how it all started. The weirdness in Willakaville just got weirder and weirder from that point on. If you want to hear more about it, read the next chapter.

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