Dragon Wedding

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Two of the young Dragons have fallen for each other,

Nothing it seems their young love can smother.

A Dragon marriage was planned by the Fairy Queen,

Fairyland was to be turned into a place never before seen.

On all of the big trees coloured lanterns were placed,

Flowers and vines were carefully, delicately interlaced.

The whole of Fairyland wanted to be at the wedding,

The Queen was to give them both some new bedding.

I myself wanted to send them on a long honeymoon trip,

I bought the tickets for a passage on an old sailing ship.

The leprechauns are building the couple a new house,

The wedding cake is to be made by my large family mouse.

The catering is the responsibility of the trolls and gnomes,

Many of who wanted to give the couple one of their homes.

The wedding is to take place on Wednesday of next week,

I myself have been asked at the memorable wedding to speak.

Two white Unicorns will pull the white wedding carriage,

The Oldest of the Leprechauns will perform the marriage.

Two fresh barrels of home brewed beer they are from me,

The wise old fairies are responsible for the evening tea.

Magic fireworks have been ordered from the fairies in China,

They are much, much better than those from old Asia Minor.

Dancing and singing will take place until the early morning.

Most of the little folk I am sure will stifle their yawning.

A fairy band from New Orleans will be flown magically in,

All of their instruments will come in a special fairy tin.

For the sweet loving young couple all will go very well.

The end of the festivities there will ring an old fairy bell.

I will go back to my old house and my four-poster bed.

Hoping that the fresh brewed beer does not go to my head.

I will dream of the young couple on their honeymoon,

Hoping that another marriage will take place very soon.

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