Dicky and Bella

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We rejoin Dicky enjoying his life,

Happy and content with his beautiful wife,

Bella was happy in much the same way,

But not quite as content I suppose you could say.


She knew she loved Dicky and she knew he loved her,

But something within her was starting to stir,

She would see babies and toddlers wherever she’d roam,

And it became quite apparent, she wanted one of her own.


Dicky was unsure, as was his way,

When Bella turned to him one night to say,

“Dicky could you do something for me,

And make this family of two, a family of three?”


Of course Dicky agreed, what else could he do?

There was no changing that She-Rex’s mind, he knew.

Not wanting to wait or cause a delay,

They went to see the doctor the very next day.


He told them what to do, and do it they did,

Until Bella’s belly grew and couldn’t be hid,

“I’m sure we’re having a girl,” Bella would say,

So they went back to the doctor to find out either way.


When he checked Bella’s tummy, the doctor brought joy,

When he said there wasn’t just a girl, but also a boy,

Upon hearing the news Dicky started to weep,

And very soon after collapsed in a heap.


Dicky fussed and flustered as he got things ready,

He bought them both a bed, some toys and a teddy,

He practiced changing nappies and learned every rhyme,

He was certain they would never be ready in time.


Bella spent her days trying to keep Dicky calm,

As he ran around Dino-care in a state of alarm.

As the big day approached she could clearly see

That Dicky was as nervous as he could possibly be.


The two babies were born on a bright summer day,

And were utterly perfect in every single way,

With four stumpy arms and four big stamping feet,

And four bright blue eyes that looked at Dicky so sweet.


Danny and Darcy they were to be called,

And they made double the noise when they shouted and bawled,

They caused poor Dicky no end of stress,

And were sure every day to make no end of mess.


Now twin T-Rex babies would give any parent a fright,

When they woke up crying through the night.

But as Dicky would sooth them and sit by there side,

His heart would swell with love and with pride.


Despite all the worry, the work and the stress,

Despite all the difficulties making them dress,

Dicky stood taller than he’d ever stood before,

When his children learned to run, to climb and to ROAR!


So here we leave Dicky, holding Danny boy,

While Bella holds Darcy, her heart filled with joy.

If you learn anything at all from this short tale,

I hope, its that children bring love, despite the work they entail.

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