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There once was a man whose name is too weird and a razor blade never touched a hair on his beard. Well his beard got so long that eventually…

It wrapped seven times around every green tree

It sprawled off of cliffs and danced in the breeze

It covered tall mountains and clogged all the streams

It even crossed oceans and all seven seas

It travelled through islands and wrapped around volcanos

It flew up into the clouds and drooped across rainbows

It slithered through swamps and dark, gloomy bogs

It crept over mushrooms and underneath frogs

It zigzagged through cities and stretched across streets

And in the country some used it to hang their sheets!

You may be wondering “Where does the beard end?” It goes all the way back to where it began

One day the old man was thinking a lot and decided to cut his entire beard off!

He turned all the hair from his beard into wigs and donated them all to hair-needing pigs

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2 thoughts on “Beard

  1. Leslie

    Very unusual ending but imaginative.
    Can visualize all the places the beard went.
    Grandson can draw a picture of the story; a man with a very very long beard?


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