We Will Help You

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Henry along with his sister Laura lived with their parents in a beautiful little house. Every evening, Henry and Laura enjoyed playing with a ball in the patio. One day, they found a pigeon nest in the corner of the patio and were confused. They were scared that the pigeon might hurt them.

“Mom!! There is a pigeon living in our balcony!!” shouted Henry in fear to his mother.

“Let us get this pigeon out of our house. This pigeon would hurt us. How can we play the ball here now??” cried Laura.

Mom took both Henry and Laura closer to her and explained that it is a bird and we should not hurt it.

That evening, three of them went to the patio to see the pigeon. Mommy realized that it was a pregnant pigeon which laid eggs, sitting on them to hatch them.

Mom explained Henry and Laura , “ Kids, this is a mommy pigeon and it just laid eggs. We should not disturb the pigeon till the eggs are hatched and we would see cute little pigeons hatching out.”

Henry was surprised. “Really!! Can we see little pigeons?”

Laura “That’s sweet, when can we see them?”

For the next few days, Henry and Laura ensured not to play in the patio as it will disturb the pigeon. They fed the pigeon with pulses and water and waited to see the little pigeons hatching. Their curiosity increased every day.

After about 20 days, the eggs hatched into two small pigeons. The family was very happy to see them hatch and grow into little birds. Once the little birds started to fly, the pigeon left their house and flew away.

Though the family missed its presence, they enjoyed their games in the patio ever again awaiting the next bird to visit their house.

Moral of the story: Always help others in need

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