Relly and Rolo

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Rolo pounced on Relly.

It was time to get up.

Rolo ran out the door.

Relly poured milk in his cup.


Rolo snuck a quick sip

When Relly turned around.

Relly pulled out a big

Salmon treat that he had found.


Rolo ran to the door

But no one let him out

If Rolo was human

He would scream and he would shout!


“I want to go outside!

It’s such a pretty day!”

But Relly rolled a ball

So Rolo could at least play.


Rolo went down the hall

And the ball disappeared!

Rolo looked all around

But his toy was gone he feared.


Rolo heard the loud squeak.

The squeak wasn’t a mouse.

The door opened real wide.

Relly let him out the house.


Rolo was so happy

That he climbed up a tree.

For once in his lifetime,

He was taller than Relly!


Rolo chased the brown squirrel.

Rolo jumped on a rock.

Until Relly said, “Hey!

Come in. It is six o’ clock.”


Rolo wore himself out

But he still ate his treat.

He curled up by Relly.

Rolo thought his day was sweet.

S.V.Richard is the author of How I Taught My Kids to Read.

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