We Landlubbers Sail the Sea

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Ben, the sailor, had the gout

and needed more crew to sail about

so one bright day,

Mila, his spouse, declared

“Find us more hardy mates.”

And so a call went forth

in the kingdom henceforth

the boat must be sailed

by mates with strong gaits.


So landlubbers we

who favored the rail

answered the call to set sail.

But after we came aboard

no longer moored, we wailed.

No time for such, said our Captain Ben:

Haul up the main

lads and lassies all

do not flinch, do not falter.

You will not be lost or sick

if you keep a firm hand on the stick.


His sailboat was Lodestar

like Polaris our guide afar.

We sailed many seas

in heavy breeze

found memories and lore

and our way back to shore.

Though Ben’s lead was sound

and we boatloads of fun

we landlubbers did kiss the ground

after our days in the sun!


And so we now all heartily wish

thanks and good cheer

to our friend, our mentor

happy birthday to Ben

may he live to 110!

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