The Wolf and the Fake News Story

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My name is Wolf, but everyone calls me The Big Bad Wolf, but I am not mean. The pigs, on the other hand, are evil. Let me tell you why.

One day, I was out for a walk. I was whistling. I passed a house made of straw. I stopped to look at it. I took a deep breath and whistled so hard, I blew the house down. The pig ran away. I wanted to say sorry, so I chased him to the stick house.

I called to him, but my breath blew the house down. The two pigs ran away. I wanted to say sorry to them both, so I chased them to the brick house.

I called again and again, but they would not come out. I was desperate, so I climbed onto the roof and down the chimney. They lit a fire and burnt my tail.

They told everyone a fake news story, and everyone thought it was true. The pigs are liars!

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