The Seahorses from Before Time

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Long long ago, before humans had invaded the land, there was a mysterious village by the sea. The houses were tiny and made of seaweed, plankton, corals, and seashells. The people living there were happy…until one day. They saw people bigger than they were or ever would be, walking towards their tiny seashore village. These people were called humans.

The tiny little people feared for their life and ran away into the sea. The few that stayed behind were never heard of again. The people who ran into the ocean couldn’t stay there forever…or could they? At first, they fed on little fish that swam around their feet, but the biggest problem was yet to come. How would they sleep? The few people who actually tried to do so never came back up.

Then slowly, they started to adapt to their surroundings, and their skin grew scaly, and they grew gills! They had curly tails, beady eyes, a scaly body, and above all they could breathe underwater.

What were they?! They were the Seahorses. They built their own little colony….underneath the sea. If you ever spot the seahorses now, you would know how they came to be.

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