The Girl Three Rows Ahead

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I never knew the little girl who sat three rows ahead,

’cause, even though I heard her laugh,

  she never turned her head

Her hair was curly on the sides.  I could not see her face.

But what I saw from three rows back

looked very much in place.

I never saw the little girl who sat in front of me.

But what I saw from head to shoulders

looked as it should be.

I could not tell you if her eyes were hazel green or blue,

or if her eyebrows were so brown,

or if her freckles grew.

I could not tell you if, upon her forehead, she had bangs,

’cause she would be the first to leave

whenever the school bell rang.

But even though I didn’t know the girl three rows ahead,

it would’ve been nice to know about her;

other than just her head.

Should I have tapped her on the back, just to say “hello”?

Could we have become the best of friends?

….      I guess I’ll never know…

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One thought on “The Girl Three Rows Ahead

  1. Jennie Wittenbach

    This was such a cute poem. It brought back memories of grade school, when we sat in rows, usually alphabetically by our last names, and sometimes rarely got to see the person a few rows ahead!


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