My Secret Brachiosaurus

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My name is Noah. How do you do?

Can you keep a secret? Well can you?

Yes? Pinky promise? Cross your heart and chin?

Yes? OK, then it’s time to begin.


Every day at bedtime after Mummy says goodnight,

I peak my head under my bed to see his eyes shining bright.

Out pops his head with a smile full of glee,

I have a secret Brachiosaurus named Bertie you see!


Bertie’s long long neck can stretch for miles to the sky,

Out of my windows to the moon we can fly!

I land on the moon and tap the dusty floor with my feet,

Oh my! I wonder if there are aliens to meet!


Twisting and twirling I dance with the stars,

With Bertie’s booming voice we shout ‘Hellooo!’ to Mars.

I hop skip and jump. Oh I jump so high!

The ground is so bouncy, it’s as if I can fly!


Asteroids zoom past, they almost give me a fright!

Far in the distance I see the magnificent sun shining bright.

Planets so colourful with so much to see,

Space really is a wondrous place to be.


With tired eyes I yawn and Bertie says, ‘Time to go’

I wave goodbye to the stars as they twinkle and glow,

Bertie’s long neck is like a magical slide,

‘Whee!’ I whoosh with my arms open wide.


I land softly and it’s time to lay down my head,

For the second time tonight I am tucked into bed.

So tired I fall asleep with my eyes shut tight,

And just like that, Bertie is out of sight.

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