Beauty’s Red Spot

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Beauty was a very beautiful girl. She was always loved by everyone. She was also very kind and fun-loving. She enjoyed partying with her friends. Also, she loved to eat different kinds of food. She was the best girl in her class and her teacher’s favourite. One day, her teacher told her that in a few weeks, they would be taking a class photograph. Everyone was to come neatly dressed for it.

Beauty was very eager to appear in her class photograph. After coming from school, she ran to her backyard to meet her mother. She found her mother watering plants in the garden.

“Mum! Mum! We will have a class photograph in a few weeks,” she said.

“In the class photograph session, you should be dressed very neatly and wear your id-card properly,” advised her mother.

After some time she went in front of her mirror. She was shocked!! There was a huge red spot that appeared on her face. It was a pimple. She didn’t know what to do with it. The next day, she went to her friends and asked them if they can suggest a solution to get rid of this red spot.

“I know what to do. Apply this expensive cream,” suggested Myra.

“Which cream should I apply?” asked Beauty.

“Apply the cream called ‘Pimple Free’,” said Myra.

Beauty immediately went home and applied the cream. It didn’t work.

The next day, feeling miserable, she again asked for a solution to this problem to another friend.

“I have a solution to your problem. Apply Pearls soap,” said Joe.

“Thanks for your suggestion,” said Beauty.

The next day while taking a bath, she applied Pearls soap, but there was no effect.

“Mum! My class photograph day is coming in nine days, and my red spot has not yet vanished,” said Beauty.

“Don’t worry. You will be fine soon,” said Mum.

When she came to school, she again asked her friends for more suggestions.

“Last year, I had a spot too. I kept taking antibiotics, and I got fine in two days,” said George.

Hearing this, Beauty showed a doctor who suggested taking antibiotics for three days, but even that did not help.

Only six days were remaining. Beauty had no idea how to solve the problem.

“What to do about my spot?” asked Beauty.

“We can’t do anything else. You have to go to the big hospital,” said Sakshi.

Beauty and her Mum went to many appointments, but there was no solution.

Finally, Mum thought of going to Aunt Mary. “She is a great doctor,” said Mum.

They went to Aunt Mary’s clinic. As Aunt Mary looked at Beauty, she asked,

“What’s wrong with my niece?”

“Aunt,” replied Beauty, “on my cheek, a red spot has appeared. Will you help me remove this? I’m having a class photograph taken in two days.”

Her hospital was huge. There were operation theatres, beds for patients, X-ray machines, medicines, and many other things. Beauty wondered what therapy she might receive for her problem.

“Come here,” asked Aunt Mary.

Beauty went closer. Aunt Mary was ready with a stethoscope.

“Take a deep breath,” said Aunt Mary.

Beauty took a deep breath, and Aunt Mary checked Beauty’s heartbeat.

“This is nothing wrong. You just need to eat a diet of healthy fruits and green leafy vegetables. Avoid all kinds of junk food and maintain a balanced diet,” said Aunt Mary.

Beauty followed her, and she got well in two days. The spot completely cleared up!

It was the day of her class photograph day, and she no longer had the red spot. She quickly took out her school uniform, cleaned it, ironed it well, took a proper bath, combed her hair, cut her nails, and wore her ID card nicely. She glanced into the mirror. She was looking amazingly pretty.

She even looked better than how she looked before the red spot had appeared. She did not apply cream and powder because her skin was naturally glowing. When she went to her school, she saw all her friends, Myra, Joe, George, and Sakshi.

“Your red spot is no longer there, and you look even more beautiful. What did you do?” asked George.

“I ate healthy food items, and I ate more green and leafy fruits and vegetables,” replied Beauty.

The class photograph was about to start in few minutes.

“I am really excited and thrilled to have the class photograph,” said Myra.

“Let’s get ready,” said Joe.

Sakshi quickly took everyone and glanced at the mirror. Everyone looked perfect. Soon, the photographers came and, C-l-i-c-k the photograph was taken. It was the best photograph ever.



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2 thoughts on “Beauty’s Red Spot

  1. Julia

    I liked the way the tension built up, and everyone was so kind and helpful. I’m glad it turned out well and the class photograph was the best ever.


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