Sleeping Beauty narrated by Sharon Blumberg

Sharon Blumberg photo - voiceover artistThanks to Sharon Blumberg, narration has arrived on Short Kid Stories! Sharon Olivia Blumberg is a recently retired school teacher, having taught Spanish and English for over 20 years. In addition, she is a children’s writer and voiceover artist. She is married with two grown children. She resides with her husband outside of Chicago. View Sharon’s profile on her profile page and go on over and check out her first narrated story – Sleeping Beauty.

Stay tuned, there is more to come from Sharon…


2 thoughts on “Sleeping Beauty narrated by Sharon Blumberg

  1. Dulce Rodrigues

    Thanks, Sharon, for your lovely narrated story. Would you like to narrate the story of one of my children’s book, the one telling about the adventure of my pet dog Barry? I’d be very happy if you’d. I’m looking for someone to do it. Cheers, have a nice day.


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