Short Kid Stories Author published on Amazon!


While working on his book of memoir stories, POP was asked to write a children’s tale based on an illustration given by a magazine publisher.

Soon after, he began a competition with himself, to write another one… better than the other one.

Now, after much fanfare from kids and grandkids he has published his first children’s eBook… “Tales From The Hill And Burrow.”

(The print version is soon to come in late spring)

Three charming contemporary folk tales for young and old alike.

Just click on the picture below and there you go to Amazon!



2 thoughts on “Short Kid Stories Author published on Amazon!

  1. Deirdre McCarthy

    Hi Brian, Deirdre McCarthy here, just stopping by to let you know I am published on Amazon and Barnes & Noble in the USA. I see you have a link here for authors so that’s so cool. Thanks how do I go about giving you the info you need to make it easy for you. Thanks so much.
    Stay safe. Pretty scary world out there these days. Stay healthy!
    We are staying indoors and staying away from everyone!

    1. TheAdmin

      Hi Deirdre – a big congratulations! I love hearing about Short Kid Stories authors who have gone on to get published. Please email me the details and I’ll publish it on the blog. Thank you and stay safe and healthy.


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