Christmas Story Competition

Santa Claus with a small Christmas treeI don’t want to panic you, but it won’t be long before Christmas will be upon us!

Christmas is a great time for spending time with kids and reading them stories. I’d like to invite all authors out there to submit a Christmas story for the site.

Competition rules below. Get writing and submit please via the submission page. Good luck!

1st Prize: I’ll feature the winning story and author on the front page of at Christmas. 

  • Word Count: 500 – 5,000 words
  • Submission deadline: 7th Dec 2014 @  midnight GMT
  • Include: Synopsis for the excerpt, word count and target age range
  • If you have not submitted to Short Kid Stories before, please provide a brief bio of yourself.

Children dancing around a Christmas tree for Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Fir Tree"



Illustration from Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story, The Fir Tree.


One thought on “Christmas Story Competition


    I have just finished updating my original Christmas story “The Emissary.” This animated and award winning story was written in 1997 and has been viewed by more than 7 million people from 169 countries. It is intended as entertainment for any age. If you want to hear the music in the story, you will need to view with Internet Explorer. http///
    Jan Pearce


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