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Roland Mathew Christensen is a normal young adult, he wears plain tee’s and fitted jeans. He finds joy in writing for kids, adults and sometimes even teens. A lover of the outdoors, he believes there’s no better place to get inspired. While having fun in nature, its been part of the reason he keeps on getting fired. No matter what Roland decides to do moving forward, he will continue to translate his imagination onto page and into word. His hopes are that his stories are read, by you, your friends and by many strangers. To all the newly ordained parents in the world, read his stories to your child at night as they lay in their cozy baby mangers. And remember, the world can be daunting without a friend, be kind to one another and when your time comes you’ll be happy in the end.

Feel free to contact Roland via email: Roland.Christensen.Utah “at” (replace “at” with @)

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