The Alicorn Princess. Part 1.

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Jessie was crying sadly in her bedroom. Why? Her pet horse, Sparkle, had run away. After hours and hours of searching in vain, she had finally admitted defeat. As she sobbed bitterly into her pillow, her mother knocked on the door.

“Dear, you’d better come out. I know you’re heartbroken, but you can’t stay cooped up in here forever, can you? Please come out. Daddy and I would like to talk to you.”

Jessie slowly got up and opened the door. Her mother was right, she couldn’t keep crying forever. Her mother gently led her to the lounge.

“I want Sparkle!” Jessie burst out.

“So do we dear, so do we,” said her father. “But if you keep faith, he will return, I am sure of that. Now, we decided to eat pasta tonight! Your favourite food! Come on!”

Jessie tried to eat, but she felt too miserable even to chew. After a long, dreary meal, she dragged herself back upstairs and collapsed into a deep slumber, her eyes aching from crying all day.

“Hrrrmph! Hrrrmph! Hrrrump!”

Jessie sat up with a jerk. She had heard Sparkle! She was sure of that! She scrambled out of her bed, and almost ran to the window, wrenched the curtains apart, and sure enough, Sparkle was looking up at her, his blue eyes glittering. Jessie ran down the stairs, fumbled with the key, and with a loud click, the door swung open. Jessie ran to her beautiful horse, and stroked it lovingly, crying tears of joy and happiness for being finally reunited with Sparkle.

“Oh Sparkle, oh Sparkle! I thought I had lost you forever! Oh, I’m so happy to see you again!”

Sparkle neighed, and it sounded exactly like he was saying “I missed you too!”

Then, something suddenly burst out of Sparkle’s forehead! Jessie screamed and fell over backwards. It was a horn! Then, something burst from his back as well! Two big, majestic wings! Jessie gasped.

“Oh Sparkle! You’re a unicorn!”

Then a voice spoke, and it was a few moments before she realized that Sparkle was talking!

“Hello, Jessie! I have waited for this moment long to come, and here it is at last! I’m talking to you! And by the way, I’m an alicorn, not a unicorn!”

Jessie just stood there her mouth dangling open.

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