The Alicorn Princess. Part 2.

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Jessie just stood there, her mouth dangling open. Then she rubbed her eyes and muttered, “I’m dreaming this.”

 “No you’re not!” Sparkle insisted. “Tell you what, I’ll take you for a ride! How about it Jessie?” It took Jessie a few moments before she registered what Sparkle had said. Then she said faintly, “Ride on you…? An Alicorn….?”

” Yes, do!” Sparkle said, and he bowed his massive body. Jessie made up her mind, and clambered onto Sparkle’s back. She had expected Sparkle to trot off, and was wondering how could he get past the fence, when he lifted his wings grandly and rocketed upwards toward the dreamy gray clouds. Jessie could not suppress a shriek, and Sparkle stopped at once, flapping his great wings and hanging in midair.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, “Are you feeling sick?”

“Oh no!” Jessie managed to gasp back in reply. “I was just ever so shocked!”

“So shall we go on then?” Sparkle asked.

“Yes!” said Jessie happily in reply.

Sparkle and Jessie swooped above the countryside. Jessie felt full of excitement, brimming to the top with it in fact.

They had reached the woods by now, and passing over the treetops, Jessie felt that she was on top of the world. She felt so happy to be reunited with Sparkle that all she could do was laugh as she felt the air against her face, messing up her long, open hair. Suddenly, her sharp eyes noticed something through the leaves of a large tree.

 ” Sparkle!” she said, “There is something moving down below! Let’s go and see it!”

Sparkle obliged and swooped down, hovering inches above the ground for a closer look. Jessie made out a small dark thing struggling viciously against a big log.

 “It’s a puppy” said Sparkle, and with a low thud, he landed on the soft earth. The puppy, when it saw them, backed away into the big log, and then leapt forward again with a howl of pain as the bark dug into its back.

“Oh you poor thing!” cried Jessie. “Sparkle, let’s take it home, I’m sure Mamma and Daddy won’t mind, what do you say?”

“I say OK!” said Sparkle. With her soft voice and gentle hands, Jessie managed to convince the puppy to come out. After gaining it’s trust, she carefully wrapped it in the blanket that Sparkle had produced with his horn, and climbed back on Sparkle.

“I can’t hold your mane this time, so please please don’t let me fall!” she begged.

“Don’t worry” said Sparkle, ” I’ll make sure that both you and the puppy manage to stay!”

They glided over the treetops, then over the houses, finally reaching to Sparkle’s paddock. He landed grandly on the ground and said to Jessie, “Give the puppy to me, you can show it to your parents tomorrow, we’ll make up something so that you won’t have to lie, and whatever happens, make sure to keep the fact that I’m an Alicorn a secret. Now hurry back to your bed, and quickly!”

Jessie ran back up the carpeted stairs two at a time and reached her bedroom. She swung the door open and slipped under her blankets. She felt contented and at rest. All she wanted to do now was to have a good night’s sleep! And she dozed away into the world of dreams.

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