Little Bird Wool Hat

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Betsy Brown and her friends met at the park to play.

What else would you do on a Saturday?

Betsy met with Fran, Dan, Millie and Billy.

Betsy wore her red wool cap ‘cuz it was chilly.

They slid down the slide so steep and so high.

The children swung on swings so high in the sky.

They climbed the monkey bars to the top,

And didn’t care if they never did stop.

Betsy, Fran, Dan, Millie and Billy

Ran down the hill, willy-nilly.

They had fun till it was nearly dark.

Now it was time to leave the park.

Suddenly, a wind came up and blew its chill,

Till their fingers they could no longer feel.

Betsy’s hat flew off the top of her head.

And landed on a branch in the forest bed.

She didn’t know it until she returned home.

So; back to the park she did roam.

Betsy retraced her steps from start to finish.

Her fear of loss would not diminish.

She never found her little red hat that day.

Momma suggested that Betsy pray.

Her prayer was answered in a way unknown,

By the chilling wind that had blown.

To the top of the tree the wool cap had landed.

Found by a robin who was named Bandit.

The wool hat was turned upside down.

That is how the robin, the hat had found.

She said; “This will make a wonderful nest.

It will be a home to my newborn, the best.”

Momma robin gathered grass and some twigs.

She even used leaves from some old figs.

Soon the nest was made oh so safe and fine.

She said; “This nest is my own; it is mine.”

Robin lay eggs within the woolly nest.

Her babies would be safe from any old pest.

She sat on the eggs warming them from the chill.

Out came chicks, Mandy, Jerry and Will.

They ate the worms Momma had gathered.

And their bodies were soon feathered.

It was time for the chicks to learn to fly.

Up and down they flew into the sky.

Betsy’s wool hat had served as a nest.

For robin chickadees; it was the best!

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