Hero Man – Episode 4: The Bird Thief

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Chapter 1 – Investigation

“Here you go,” Ralph said. He was giving a $5 bill to a poor man.

“Thank You and god may bless you,” the man said.

“Sure,” Ralph said, then he headed to his home. His friends, Robin and Jack were waiting for Ralph at his home because he said he was going show them a unusual treasure he had found in his 3rd mission, The Haunted Cave. The treasure was like a $1,000,000 bill for Ralph. When he came, the boys went to Ralph’s room.

“Just a minute guys,” Ralph said and went inside his room. When he returned Robin and Jack saw a shocked face on Ralph when he uttered a sentence.

“My unusual treasure has been stolen by someone.”

His friends groaned and they said together,

“Ok, this was worth it, bye Ralph.”

“Bye,” Ralph muttered. Then he decided to investigate for a clue and when he turned around he saw a bird feather on his bookshelf. “One clue has been found” he said. Then after a long thought he made a list of what type the bird was.

Ralph examined the feather and picked a pad with a paper and wrote down a list of birds.

Here are the birds he wrote he thought –


Then he went to a Quail’s nest and saw the nest, full of treasures and baby birds. He saw a rare coin of Robin’s and took it so that he could give it back to Robin. He went to a parrot’s nest and saw Jack’s lucky charm and he took it so that he could give it back to Jack and then Ralph went to search a Quezalith, a bird – demon, but couldn’t find him, so he went to his home to call Robin and Jack to tell them what he had learned and he also said he would give them extra protective this and other super dangerous missions. Ralph’s friends were excited about this mission and agreed to help him. He said to meet him at his home in 10 minutes.

“Now that’s what we call friends,” Ralph said and hung up the phone, then he said “action is at Mt. Everest, Quezalith” and went to the front porch waiting for his friends, when they arrived he went to meet his friends and told them all the details about his mission and then told them to meet him again with hiking materials.


Chapter 2 – Where Are We?

The next day, Ralph went to the airport to go to Mt. Everest in middle of Nepal and India. When he reached the U.S. Airlines Airport and waited for his friends. He told his mom the reason why he was going but it was a little lie, he said he wanted to learn about Indian north mountainous region and while he was thinking about his mission, his friends surprised him in middle of his thought. They went into the plane and took their seats, after an hour, Ralph felt something feathery on his face, but he didn’t care about looking at it. Then they reached Jammu and Kashmir in India.

They got down from the plane and went to a temple. After they were done they asked a man for directions to the Mt. Everest. After they had made it to 300 feet they extremely weary but luckily they were at little flat area so they got down to drink some water, then Ralph said “Oh god, guys, I think we need to camp here because this mountain is like 29,029 feet”

“Oh man,” gasped Ralph. Jack did the same

“Well, we mustn’t give up,” Ralph said. Then they went to sleep….

In the middle of the night, Ralph and his friends were shocked because they were in a cave.

“But we were near a campsite of Mt. Everest,” Ralph said. Ralph went to give his friends the suits and he went to wear his Hero Man suit.

“Why are we wearing this, Ralph?” Jack questioned.

“Because I just spotted Quezalith,” Ralph said.

Chapter 3 – Attack!

Ralph was right, Quezalith was heading to the cave so they quickly wore their suits. Ralph was Hero Man now! They rushed out.

“Click the bird button,” Hero Man said.

Before they had a chance to click the button, Quezalith swooped Hero Man up. Hero Man did a somersault and kicked Quezalith. He screamed with pain and fell down. Hero Man, who was about to fall down, clicked on the bird button and flew in the sky.

Down, Robin and Jack were giving Quezalith some good punches but he escaped and the battle had begun in the air! Hero Man kicked and punched. The Indians were looking at Hero Man and his friends.

The news people were recording the action but Hero Man and his friends didn’t care at all. They were focusing on how to defeat Quezalith.

After sometime Hero Man snatched his unusual pearl and kicked a very powerful kick. The kick was so powerful that Quezalith fell down with a loud screech. He was gasping.

“Hero Man,” Quezalith said, “I give up, you win and sorry for getting you to my filthy cave.” Hero Man and Robin were relieved but then Jack complained “Hero Man, you fought a lot but we didn’t even hit Quezalith at once.”

“Go ahead and hit him,”  said Hero Man. Jack was relieved and he gave a lot of punches to the bird – demon while Hero Man was talking with the news people. Jack came back and said “that’s what we call defeating a demon.”


Chapter 4 – Going Home

Hero man said good-by to the Indians and then he and his friends went to a place where no one could find them and changed themselves into humans again.

Ralph and his friends were exhausted and tired. “Now that is called a real mission,” Ralph said.

They went to Himachal Pradesh by train so that they could go to their home. When they reached the airport, the boys took the tickets and went to the plane. While the plane was moving Ralph researched about India and the Mt. Everest. By the time they reached America, Ralph was done with his researching.

“Home, Sweet Home!” Ralph exclaimed. The boys said good bye and headed home.


Some Indian and Mt. Everest Facts written by Ralph in this story

Fact 1 – Mt. Everest is 29,029 ft. (8,849)

Fact 2 – Mt. Everest was formed at the border of India and Nepal

Fact 3 – Mt. Everest is over 60 million years old

Fact 4 – Wind can blow over 200 mph

Fact 5 – India’s population is next to China

Fact 6 – India’s capital is New Delhi

Fact 7 – India is the seventh – largest country

Fact 8 – India was under control by the British

Fact 9 – India has two islands: Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshwadeep Islands

Fact 10 – India became independent in 1947


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