Frogs’ Legs

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There were only three frogs in the pond: my husband and me, and Rose, my sister-in-law. Rose had not had much luck in life. She was born with one leg shorter than the other. This problem affected her chances of marriage, as all the male frogs thought that their children would have a limp as well.

I must say though, she did have the odd date, but nothing serious, if you know what I mean. Poor Rose was getting increasingly depressed.

Eventually, she took up voluntary work at an elderly frogs’ care home to take her mind off the problem. It was rewarding work but exhausting.

Then, one day, Rose met Victor. He was a volunteer, too. Victor was the son of a wealthy family. They owned a range of lily pads featured in ponds all over England. Victor, however, did not want to work in the family firm. He had a calling to help elderly frogs, and the care home offered the best opportunity.

Victor, however, had a disability. One leg was shorter than the other. Rose could not believe her eyes.

It seemed that Victor had taken a holiday in France, a dangerous country for frogs. Frogs’ legs are a delicacy for the French and are served in most restaurants.

It is rumoured that chefs hide behind bushes with their guns and plastic bags. Your legs could be cooked and under a knob of butter in no time at all.

Victor was paddling at the water’s edge when he felt a fierce pain in his leg. He escaped and hid behind a shrub. Remembering frog first aid training, he wrapped a leaf around his leg to stem the bleeding and waited until he was sure the chef had disappeared.

Victor hopped back to the hotel, and the doctor was called. The doctor could only speak French, but this was not a problem. He saw the injury and knew that he must remove the bullet wedged in Victor’s leg.

The doctor scrubbed up and then knocked Victor unconscious, so he felt no pain. The operation was a success. However, the doctor had to remove some bone, and Victor ended up with one leg shorter than the other.

Rose and Victor fell in love, united by their leg issues. They got married and had two children, neither with a limp. Victor went into the family business, and life became so much happier.

Such a happy ending, don’t you think?

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