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On a bright, sunny day in the middle of May, a mouse rolled around in some sweet, scratchy hay.

This mouse was very big, it’s true. He was so much larger than other creatures he knew.

 His nose, whiskers and tail were long. Small ears topped his head. His body was fast and strong.

 As you might guess for a creature so immense, eating a lot of food made sense.

 Pies, meat and scraps galore! Everywhere he went, he always wanted more.

 He soon found a bottle filled with sweet, sticky goo.  He squeezed right in and tasted something new.

 Sometime later the bottle was clean.  This massive mouse was an eating machine!

 Trouble began when he tried to back out.  He got so frustrated he began to pout.

 He screeched in fear to alert his friends.  He was scared that maybe he near the end.

 A kind girl called Angie heard his cry.  She shook him out in the blink of an eye.

 The mouse peered up and gave Angie a weak smile.  His long, yellow teeth glittered awhile.

 Angie knew about creatures a bit. She thought he was a mouse, but his features didn’t fit.

 She read, researched, took notes and smiled.  She proved to be a brilliant child.

 It seems this mouse wasn’t a mouse but a rat.  And that, as they say, was that.

 Angie’s Scientific Notebook

Creature’s characteristics:

  • Rats have long, flat snouts
  • Mice have short, round snouts
  • This creature has a long, flat snout
  • Rats are large rodents
  • Mice are small rodents
  • This creature is enormous!
  • Rat ears are smaller compared to the size of their head
  • Mouse ears are larger when compared to their head
  • This creature’s ears are small compared to his head

 Conclusion:  This creature is a rat.

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4 thoughts on “Enormouse


    I now have a greater respect for the little varmints & will never try to trap them again ,love your story


    I now have a greater respect for the varmints & will never put out a trap to Catch em again , Love your story Robin ,,& waitin for your EASTER STORY ,,,ARE YOU STILL WORKIN ON IT???? XOXOXO HUGS

  3. Colleen Sobek

    What a cute story! Love the scientific notes at the end! This would be a great book for K-2 just beginning to learn about science! Very motivating! Kudos to the author!


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