New Fantasy Magazine seeking submissions

Fantastic Magazine  is set to officially launch 1 February. I am looking for quality  short Sci-Fi and fantasy stories for readers in all age groups, from 6 to 106, right away.

Submission Guidelines

If you could share this with your authors it would be greatly appreciated.


Michael Barrett


4 thoughts on “New Fantasy Magazine seeking submissions

  1. Sharon Krager

    I have one story that might fit for your magazine.
    It is one of 29 stories n poems from my latest children’s book publisged in December 2018.

  2. William Propsner

    When you start accepting stories sent in as Doc instead of RTF which I can not get my version of Word to use, I would love to submit.
    Thank you

  3. William Propsner

    Searched and looked and looked and searched to no avail.
    ‘Smartpage’ does not exist. At least that is what my browsers say.
    Too bad you will not accept a Doc. or a PDF file for a submitted story.


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