Illustrator Submissions

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Many successfully published and other talented authors have already submitted short stories for the site. See the author profiles page to learn about just a few of them.

Calling All Children’s Illustrators

My aim is to have a decent amount of illustrated content on the site. Some of the illustrated content will use public domain work that is free to publish. However, I am keen to include original work. There will be many stories without illustrations on the site. If you are interested in illustrating a story to showcase your work, please get in touch. In some cases, a single illustration will be enough. In return, participating illustrators will have a profile page with bio and links to any other material they wish to promote. My goal for the site is to deliver significant exposure to tens of thousands of unique visitors per month visiting the site from all over the world. Please note that the site does not generate revenue, so it is not possible to pay illustrators if content is accepted for the site.

For more information on the background to this project, see this article which featured in a leading writers website.


Some authors and illustrators are rightfully concerned about the implications for copyright relating to their work. I hope the following makes it clear, but please contact me if you need any further clarifications.

  • You retain the full copyright of your work
  • What we will need from you is non-exclusive rights to publish so that the material can be presented
  • You will be credited as the illustrator and there will be a link to your bio page where you can promote other works on and off-site
  • You are free to publish or sell your work wherever else you wish at any time
  • You can have your work removed from the site at any time you want
  • Your work will not be resold
  • If in the future we decide to create anything such as an anthology of “the best of” or “most popular” or whatever, it will only be with associated illustrators’ approval and support.

Short Kid Stories is seeking to create a win-win situation (apologies for the cliché – but it’s the most appropriate term!) – a promotional vehicle and a showcase for authors’ and illustrators’ works and great illustrated stories available to parents and kids all over the world.

Illustrator Submissions Form

If you would like to submit work to be included on the site, please fill out the contact form below. In the message section please outline how you would like to contribute to the site. Include links to your work if available.