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Dulce Rodrigues

Dulce Rodrigues author photo signing book

“Getting involved in a project of short stories for children is an exciting engagement when you love kids!”

Once upon a time there was a young girl who loved books. Books are source of joy, fun, and knowledge.

The young girl was ill very often, and family and friends would bring her books when visiting. And the more she read, the more she loved reading. As for everything else, the more you know about something, the more you want to know about it. With reading it’s the same. And the young girl’s imagination flourished with stories that would take her to other worlds; with stories she would tell to other children like her.

As the young girl grew older, life changed gradually, and she no longer had time to tell stories, but they still popped up in her head, and she kept them in a secret place in her memory until a time when… Is it not said that old people become children a second time?And the once young girl had again all the time in the world to tell stories to young children! And stories happily came back from their forced exile and enjoyed filling in pages and pages of books.

You might have guessed. I was the young girl. My name is Dulce Rodrigues, and I’m the award-winning author of children’s books and plays and also of the kids’ website in four languages

I hope children of all ages will enjoy my stories as much as I love writing them.

Evelyn B. Christensen

Evelyn B. Christensen author photo

“I submitted to Short Kid Stories because:
1. I like this publisher’s philosophy of wanting to provide more reading options for kids,
2. I try to be supportive of new publishing opportunities for writers so those opportunities will hopefully survive and be around for a long time, and
3. I thought the free ebooks being offered might be useful.”

Evelyn has a doctorate in education and taught primary-age children for 13 years. She loves creating resources to make learning fun for kids. Forty-one of her educational puzzle books have been published. Two recent ones, Aba-Conundrums and Inchimals, won awards. Evelyn has also had more than 300 acceptances by children’s magazines and publishes a bi-monthly ezine, Writing for Children’s Magazines. You can find out more about Evelyn’s work at


Lorraine O’Byrne

Author Lorraine O'Byrne riding a horse

“The reason I’m getting involved is because I like to share my passion for writing with others and there’s nothing as magical as a good children’s story.”

I’m from county Limerick. I’ve been writing a number of years; my most recent children’s book entitled “The Hippity Dippity Witch” was published in 2012 and a short story entitled “Watch out Bobby” published in February of this year. I graduated with a degree in arts before going on to do a diploma in journalism and creative writing. I live on a farm with my husband Donal. We love animals and that is where a lot of my inspiration for writing comes from. At present I’m working on another children’s novel and hope to have it finished for next year.


Karen Autio

Karen Autio Author Photo

“I had great fun writing my short story and having it published in our local newspaper, and now I welcome this opportunity to share it with a wider audience.”

I am the author of three historical novels for young readers. SECOND WATCH (Sono Nis Press,, 2005) was inspired by the tale of my Finnish grandmother’s silver spoon and the 1914 wreck of the Canadian Pacific steamship Empress of Ireland—Canada’s Titanic—for which the 100th anniversary will be commemorated in May 2014. The sequel, SAARA’S PASSAGE (Sono Nis Press, 2008), was also inspired by my Finnish grandmother. Mystery surrounded her battle with tuberculosis until after her death, when her family discovered letters she had written to her infant daughter while quarantined with TB. SABOTAGE (Sono Nis Press, 2013), which completes the trilogy about the Finnish Mäki family in early Thunder Bay, Ontario, is an adventure tale based on real espionage, sabotage, and paranoia in Canada during the Great War. I thoroughly enjoy presenting to students, revealing my journey to becoming an author and my passion for research and the resulting “jigsaw puzzle” of transforming historical facts into a fascinating story.


Dorothy Massey

Dorothy Massey author photo

“I’m delighted to be involved with this fabulous website showcasing writers of stories for children, as encouraging children to engage with short stories potentially makes them life-long readers, and perhaps even writers, of stories themselves.”

I am a freelance author, tutor and creative writing workshop facilitator. My stories for children have won several competitions. On winning a Pinestein Press competition in 2007, I was commissioned to write three stories, The Ghost Twin Tales, for an anthology entitled  Mini Mysteries and Kooky Spookies. Another winning competition entry, Munch the Storytelling Cow, was recorded as a downloadable podcast by the TV presenter, Gail Porter.

 Educational resources I have written include Better English: handle everyday situations with confidence, a Studymates book for speakers of English as a Second Language, two packs of poetry resources and a guide to Creative Writing Workshops for A level. I contributed fact and fiction to the Uclan publication Letters to Africa and have recently completed my first children’s novel.
I love writing and encouraging others to write.

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