Aswin Amarnath

Illustration of illustrator Aswin Amarnath

I do illustrations and comic art as a hobby. When I was young, my grandmother used to tell a lot of stories from Indian Mythology. A few years back, I started searching for those stories in comic book form/ text. But I was not able to find most of them. That is when I decided to start doing comic books myself.

Sequential art always fascinated me and telling a story through pictures is a very creative process. To master my drawing skills, I took Oil Painting classes and read a lot of book on Color Mixing, Color Harmony, Composition and I did some animations as well. After few years of drifting focus,  I came back to my senses on ‘Why I wanted to draw?’ in the first place. I want to tell Stories and that is what I am going to do.

I want to publish comic book series in the future. But till then, there are a lot of stories already around and let me visualize them in terms of inks and lines.

I post my sketches and comics in my blog. Do take a look.

(See also Aswin’s beautiful illustration of Sleeping Beauty on Short Kid Stories – The Editor.)

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