Alina Jaclyn Piven

Hi, my name’s Jaclyn, children’s book illustrator, artist and photographer. 

Drawing has been my passion since my childhood. Art ignites my heart and keeps me on my way.

Along with working on children’s book illustrations, I had the opportunity to work as a volunteer illustrator, Christian comics artist and craft maker. Also, I had a few lovely drawing projects that made me happy with the results. I believe that every experience is priceless, so even in something small we can be great.

My dream is to make cartoons and films for children. As long as I remember that I could imagine my future life, work with animation, storytelling and performances was always there behind me.

I’m thankful for my talent. More than that I am thankful that I can share it and inspire others.

I’m friendly and have a vital personality.

I can’t imagine my life without conversation and people around me. I’m always ready to collaborate, help or just support everyone who needs that.

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