Alina Jaclyn Piven

I’m Jaclyn, and I work as a children’s book illustrator; I love my job.

Ever since my early years, I’ve enjoyed drawing. I remember my first artwork, which I drew from a colorful book at the age of 5. It was only when I started working with children’s books that I realized it was an illustration from a book that had inspired me and led me to a world of creativity and a love for colours.

Now I know that I am drawing for children, and one day there will be a child who will be so inspired by my work that they would like to recreate it themselves, just as I did. And there will be an adult who will take this drawing with delight and smile, saying, “This is so beautiful. Good job!”

I know that I am surrounded by art now; I always have been, and without any doubts, I always will be.

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