The Strange Clock

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There was a boy named Tom, who lived in Sydney. One day, he dreamed he could invent a time machine and could time travel to anywhere. But when he woke up, he realized it was just a dream.

“Come on, I wish that dream was true!” exclaimed Tom, with pity.

“It’s time for breakfast,” sang Tom’s mum. So Tom quickly rushed downstairs for breakfast.

After breakfast, Tom went back to his room where he could see his mysterious neighbour up to something. His mum and dad always say that he’s a man doing nothing. But in Tom’s opinion, that man was always watching him. Tom then, saw that man threw a clock at him! Luckily, he ducked, and the clock landed on the floor. Then, he touched the clock, but suddenly he was sucked into the clock!

Tom then landed on the floor, painfully. He looked left and right to check where he was. He saw a building across the street.

“That building looks familiar,” said Tom, curiously.

He made sure the street was clear, then quickly went across it and inside the building. He could not believe he saw his mum and dad there and mum was nearly giving birth!

A midwife came to Tom’s parents and told them, “Congratulations! You will see your son in three hours.”

“If that baby is me, that means I time travelled, so I must find the other clock to go back before they another me is born, otherwise I will become ash immediately!” Tom thought, in panic.

Tom quickly set a timer on his digital watch to three hours and ran to test all the clocks in this city. Finally, he found the clock that he wanted!

“Uh-oh, It’s nearly three hours, I need to go inside this clock at once!” said Tom. Then, he went inside the clock just as he was born.

Tom came back successfully. At last, Tom said, “I will never do that ever again.”

That’s Tom’s first adventure.

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