The Fox Who Wanted To Fly

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Mother Fox is going to tell her kits a story. Let’s listen.

“This is the tale of a fox, a fox that wanted to fly.”

The kits said they wanted to fly. “Flying looks like fun!” they said.

Mother continued, “Once upon a time, there was a fox. This fox lived in the forest in a big rock den. The den was blue and had many pink flowers inside.

This fox wanted to fly. She saw birds flap their wings. The birds could fly. What fun it must be to fly!

She went outside her den and flapped her arms. She did not fly.

Just then, a bird came by. This is who the fox wanted to talk to. Birds know how to fly. The fox yelled, “Bird, please stop!”


The bird sat in a tree. The fox said, “I want to fly like you.”

The bird said, “Flying is easy. Just flap your wings. But, I have never seen a fox fly.”

Having said that, the bird flew away.

Fox flapped her arms faster this time. She did not fly.

In the tree was a beehive. This is who the fox wanted to talk to. Bees know how to fly. Maybe the bees could teach her how to fly.

The fox yelled, “Bees, please come out!” The bees came out of the beehive. The fox said, “I want to fly like you.”

One bee said, “Flying is easy.” Another bee said, “Just flap your wings.” A third bee said, “But, I have never seen a fox fly.” Having said that, the bees went into the beehive.

The fox flapped her arms even faster this time. She still did not fly. She was not very happy.

She walked for a long time. It was now dark. Soon, she saw a bat in a tree. The fox thought, “Maybe, the bat can help me. She looks like me, and she has wings.”

The fox said, “Bat, I want to fly like you.” The bat said, “I love to fly. I just flap my wings, and I fly. Flying is easy. I can fly fast. I catch bugs for my dinner.”

The fox asked, “Have you ever seen a fox fly?”

The bat said, “Yes, I have. Flying foxes live in trees near the river. They look like you and me. They can fly.” Having said that, the bat left.

The fox hurried to the river and looked up in the trees. There was a flying fox, sleeping. It was hanging from a tree branch.

The flying fox heard the fox walking in the grass. She woke up and looked at the fox. She had never seen a fox before.

The flying fox said, “Hello, how can I help you?”

The fox said. “I want to fly like you do.”

The flying fox said, “You do look like me. Maybe you can fly. I think you need wings. Then maybe you can fly.”

The fox said, “Thank you,” and left.

On the way home, she found some cloth. It was a flag that blew away from the town. She took the flag home. She would make some wings.

At home, she cut the flag and then sewed the flag. Soon, she had wings. She put the wings on.

She went outside and flapped her new wings, faster and faster. She dreamed she was flying.”


Mother Fox said, “That is the story. Did you like it?”

The kits said, “Yes, but did the fox really fly, Momma?”

She said, “Maybe, do you two think she did?”

Do you think the fox could fly?

Moral: Always try hard. Someday you will succeed.

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