Plenty more Fish in the Sea

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When I was nine my brother Stu

was almost seventeen.

His girlfriend Claire was just sixteen

and meant the world to he.


One sunny afternoon Stu came home,

blue eyes filled with tears.

Claire had dumped my brother Stu

and gone with his friend Piers.


Tears fell from my brother’s eyes

like autumn leaves from trees.

My dad said, ‘Don’t you worry, son.

There are plenty more fish in the sea.’


Well this confused my little brain,

I couldn’t comprehend

why Stu would give up liking girls

and fancy fish instead!


Tunas don’t make good girlfriends:

they don’t have hands to hold.

And dates with mackerel can’t be fun:

the sea is pretty cold.


But thankfully Stu fancied girls

and not fish from the sea

so I could eat guilt-free my chips

with cod and mushy peas!

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