Kate’s Island Home

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A long time ago, there was a young girl named Kate,
She lived with her family on a great big lake.
The island was a wonderful place to call home,
For there were so many places that she could roam.

Kate’s best friend was her dog named Max,
But he was no friend to the island’s cats.
He would chase them up a tree,
And when he left, they could finally flee.

There were forests for picnics, and flowers to pick,
And fish in the lake that swam pretty quick.
There weren’t any cars to avoid on her bike,
Or even if she was taking a hike.

She picked vegetables she’d sown from seed,
From the garden to the table; how delicious indeed!
When all of her chores were finally done,
It was time to go out to have some fun.

She remembered the creatures she has come to know,
And spent each day watching them grow.
She’d given each a name of their own,
As they lived very near to her family’s home.

“Oscar” the bullfrog, lived under the dock,
He was so big, he couldn’t be caught.
Way after dark, he croaked so loudly,
It was an effort to fall asleep soundly.
Yet no matter what noise Oscar made,
Kate enjoyed his “music” just the same.

“Mildred” the robin with her bright red breast,
Sat over the porch light in her newly made nest.
After laying her eggs, she nestled down low,
And waited for baby hatchlings to grow.
Each year she nested in that very same spot,
On a porch light that she never forgot.

“Chief” an oriole with orange and black feathers,
Flew south in the winter because of cold weather.
He ate cherries, grapes and even grape jelly,
Just a few things that went into his belly.

“Alec” the chipmunk scampered around,
With cheeks filled with nuts to bury in the ground.
He was so friendly he’d come into the house,
But Kate didn’t see him; he was quiet as a mouse.

She loved to read books, no matter what kind
As long as they were interesting, she was just fine.

In summer, she rowed around the shore,
Biked, swam, and did so much more.
The island was peaceful and offered so much,
She often stayed outside until way after lunch.

In winter she made snowmen from fresh, fallen snow,
Skated the frozen lake as fast as she could go.
Sped down hills on her brand new sled,
Toward the lake that lay just ahead.

Darkness came quickly on those long wintry nights,
But cocoa and a log fire make everything all right.
Each night before sleep she thought of her day.
Smiled and then fell asleep right away.

With her dreams of fond memories of creatures she adores,
And the life she enjoyed while being outdoors;
It’s time to say “good night” to a girl named Kate,
Who lived with her family on a great big lake.

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2 thoughts on “Kate’s Island Home

  1. Julia

    I’m sure a lot of girls would imagine themselves to be Kate and enjoy entering her world as they read. Perhaps some of them might be inspired to write stories in verse.


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