How Lizard Was Born

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Lizard’s parents, Elephant and Camel, met in the middle of a hot summer in a very dry desert. They loved running up sand dunes together and rolling in the sand. One day they realised that they also loved each other, and they wanted to share that love with a baby of their own. Elephant and Camel knew that they would need some help, so they started visiting the other creatures that lived near them.

First, Elephant and Camel spoke to Ostrich. Ostrich was a very proud bird with a very loving heart. But try as they might Elephant, Camel and Ostrich just could not get along.

Next, Elephant and Camel met Gazelle. Gazelle was very kind, and they all became good friends very quickly. But Gazelle was too small to carry such a large gift and could not help them.

Finally, Elephant and Camel met Cheetah. Cheetah was very funny and was very good at playing hide-and-seek. Cheetah happily offered to help Elephant and Camel. She carried Lizard inside her tummy until Lizard was strong enough to enter the world.

Elephant and Camel hugged Lizard very tightly the first time they met and were very grateful to Cheetah for looking after Lizard so well. From the first second, Elephant and Camel knew they loved Lizard more than anything and, in that way, the story of Lizard being born isn’t very different from anyone else’s.

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