Golu, The Ant

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An ant met a fly. The fly was curious to know about ants.

Golu said, “I am an ant. We live in a colony. There in the colony, we have the queen, the female workers and males. Our community is strong that’s why we never feel bored. Moreover, we remain busy all the time.”

But the fly found the ant a bit grumpy.

“Why are you so low?” she asked.

Golu: Oh! Sister, the queen enjoys all the comforts. She only lays eggs. She is so proud of her power. She looks down upon everyone.

The fly: No worries. She has skill. But she has to bear it too.

Golu: Yes, sister. The condition of a male is pathetic in our community. They are for reproduction only. Poor guys. They have a short life span too.

The fly: May I know your job?

Golu: Well, I defend the colony.

The fly: That’s nice.

Golu: Yes, when we fight, it is a matter of life and death to us.

The fly: Wow!

Golu: Not only that, at times, we attack colonies of other ants too.

The fly: What do you do with them?

Golu: Once the eggs hatch, the new ants become slaves.

The fly: That’s interesting.

Golu: You know, Sister, unlike you, we can’t fly. In our community, only the queen can fly.

The fly: Oh! Poor you.

Golu: No worries, Sister. We can lift a load twenty times heavier than our body.

The fly: That means you live everywhere.

Golu: Nope. Not in Antarctica. It is too cold over there.

The fly: Well, with our wings, we can fly in no time.

Golu: We move fast too.

The fly: Well, I am happy to learn a lot about you guys.

Golu: I enjoyed your company too.

The fly: See you soon!

Golu: Yes, catch you soon!

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