Crayon Box

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She’s only 5 years old-

red hair, freckles, turned-up nose,

and she has a crayon box;

her VERY OWN crayon box.

She opens it up and gazes in wonder

at all of the pretty colors inside.

Her mommy has given her a magnificent gift:

a piece of yellow drawing paper.

Then the little girl takes her first steps,

crayons in hand, and begins to create.

Colors being picked up and used feverishly

down to the barest, one after another

with loving care.

Minutes fly by at a swift pace

until it finally happens-

She puts down the last crayon,

picks up the drawing

and it’s over..


.. by a 5-year-old with her VERY OWN crayon box..

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One thought on “Crayon Box

  1. dajanay

    I thought of this story cool because there’s a five year old at that age learning how to draw.I maybe can picture my baby brother at that age learning how to draw picking up a crayon a and just start drawing anything.
    So that’s what I will think.


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