Dulce Rodrigues publishes new book

Short Kid Stories author Dulce Rodrigues has published a new book – a very cute children’s play called “Little Ladybird seeks a Husband”.
Little Ladybird is a very nice and pretty maiden who feels very sad because she lives alone. She has no charming husband with whom to share the joys of life.
Facebook has not yet been invented, and our Little Ladybird is too poor to have a social life and meet a husband.
But one day, when sweeping the kitchen, she finds a gold coin. She is rich! Time has come for her to seek a husband!
Alas, after too much choice she picks the wrong husband…
Illustrations by Ireneu J. Oliveira.

Dulce has been kind enough to share a version of the story on Short Kid Stories. It’s available to read at https://www.shortkidstories.com/story/the-little-ladybird/

However, we like to support our generous authors, so if you like the idea, why not support Dulce and purchase a nice copy of her book? The book is for sale on Amazon, see Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk

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