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Hi, to everyone! My name is Ray Kirton I am new children’s writer living in Warwick, Warwickshire. My sporting passion for 40 years as been scuba diving, I have been a scuba instructor for 20 years, I have dived in some wonderful countries e.g. Red Sea, Egypt, Barbados W.I. , Australia, Corfu , Greece and have good diving friends in these countries. My young scuba students use to ask ‘Why are there no scuba adventure stories for children to read?’ This gave me the motivation to write my short underwater story, Tobias and Isabel Solve A Fishy Problem?!, to introduce these marine characters to the children, the story plot, how a good friendship helps to solve a problem for these guys and I hope the children enjoy my ‘style’ of writing.

I have also finished a longer scuba story called KippA the Aquarium Diver and Fishy Tales which the children may be like to read in the future, this is a fun, interactive story too and may motivate some children to try scuba diving like ‘KippA’ too!

Lastly, I want to thank Brian at ‘Short Kids Stories’ for the opportunity to show case my children’s writing! For new writers like myself who find it hard to get your work out for children to read, get feedback from the children, parents, its a great resource for new writers to become pro-active and for people to experience their work.

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